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Blog Date 2-19-2009

Blog Date 2-19-2009. I feel like a young Captain Kirk making the first

entry in the log of the Starship Enterprise. My own career began in

1975 and MCM’s founder started in the promotional products industry

in 1988. Technology has moved forward at an incredible pace and the

team at MCM works hard to keep abreast of it.

Our web site MCM is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The web has had a profound

impact on communications and marketing. The new frontier is Web 2.0

and Social Networking and our blog is one of the new components in

our efforts to do a better job of serving our client partners. Our goal is

to do a much better job in collecting information and communicating it

as effectively as we can.

MCM has based it business strategy on a Consultative Selling

methodology. At the end of the day we hopefully will sell you a

product but not before we take the time to learn about your strategies

and goals. We speak marketing and understand branding,

communications and differentiation. We are early adapters of

technology and how to use it as a part of your promotional products


We look forward to hear from you and hopefully having some healthy

debate on the promotional products industry and how to maximize

your ROI through the proper utilization of the right products.

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