Cost Per Impression

The most recent industry data shows that the Cost Per Impression (CPI) of an Advertising Specialty item is $.004 which is $.0022 less than the next lowest media.

These products are unquestionably the most cost effective vehicle to get your message to your audience. This made me think back of the almost countless number of things that were given to me over my 30 plus year long career in high tech. Back in about 1985 I was VP of Product Marketing and I was given a Dopp kit (aka toiletries kit) with the logo of one of our suppliers. It was of decent quality and I immediately used it to replace the sad looking one that I had been using for years. This promotional item then became my traveling companion for over 20 years and over 2 million miles. It was only recently retired when my wife gave me a new one as a gift.

The item probably cost about $12 back then and I estimate that I saw their logo over 22,500 times. That’s a CPI of $.0005. Pretty cost effective!!!

When you are selecting an item to promote your brand or any other message, think about how useful the item will be, its quality and for how long will it be sending your message.

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