custom journalbooks

Custom Journalbooks

In a prior blog I wrote about a dopp kit that I was given as a promotional gift and fact that I used it for over 20 years.
However, like many promotional products, it lacked the ability to send more than a single message.

Get A QuoteMany of our clients come to us and they have a story to tell. Outside of digital content like a landing page on their web site we have found that a journal note book with a selection of customized pages is the ticket. Even though we live in a world of PDA’s Smart Phone and Tablet PC’s, we find more and more people clinging to small journal note books. We believe in their power and use them as a self promo for our business and our clients constantly call asking for new ones when their pages become filled. Aside from the traditional front page / back page we are helping clients design robust multi page inserts that can send a larger message including excerpts from Annual Reports, HR Communications, Strategic Initiatives, to the Corporate Calendar. You can add a writing instrument, a sleeve for a CD ROM and an impressive selection of covers.

Custom journalbooks come in many sizes, materials and are infinitely configurable. There is so much more to say. We would like to tell you how to turn this into legacy promotion.  Visit our Journalbooks page in our Shopping Mall to view the current BEST SELLERS and WHAT’S NEW.  Click on the Journalbook logo below.JB-logo-2015-200

Give us a call at 888-344-6060 or click on Get A Quote for special pricing. E mail us at .  Let’s see how you can use journalbooks in your strategy

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