Compressed t-shirt

Cheese Burger in Paradise

Compressed t -shirts are the best way to take that ubiquitous t -shirt and make it a show stopper. T – shirts are the number promotional apparel product. There are times when as common place as one might think that they are, t – shirts are the right product for the job. Here’s a quick story about once such client.

They were very comfortable and successful in sending their message with t – shirts. Their core business was workman’s compensation insurance. Corporate marketing made a decision for them to enter the food and restaurant market and had selected a major trade show to kick off the new strategy.

Our client needed to stand out in this large show yet wanted to stay with their comfort zone of  t – shirts. We contacted one of our favorite suppliers who helped us design a custom packaged compressed t – shirt in the shape and dimensions of a deluxe cheeseburger.

The packaging stole the show and our client had prospects lined up waiting at the booth. Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us at MCM. If you want to take your t – shirt promo to the next level we can show you how with a compressed t – shirt. Give us a call at 888-344-6060. I keep one of these on my desk and I still can’t figure out how they fit the shirt inside the burger.

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