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Earth Day 4-22-2009

I wake up and remember it’s Earth Day.

Shorten shower time by 20% – Check.
Add coffee grinds to compost pile – Check.
Put newspaper in recycling container – Check.
Order organic lawn fertilizer on-line – Check

Got it. Lot’s of behavior to modify to modify at home but what about the office? The other day we came across a really interesting product called the Eco Button. It’s a USB device that is connected to your PC that very visually reminds you that your system is drawing current. Any time you leave your PC you tap the Eco-Button and it puts the system in a hibernate mode.

When you return you tap the Eco-Button and your system powers up instantly. The added benefit is that the software computes your savings in carbon units, dollars saved and power saved. The super bonus is that you reduce your energy consumption immediately.

This product is an interesting blend technology, measurable energy savings and it sends a powerful message. We are enabling several of our PC’s at MCM to test the Eco – Button. How will it work with data back up, what are the savings and is it reliable?

Interested? Give us a call at 888-344-6060 and we will let you know how the test is going

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