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Seize the Moment Blog – Promotional Products and the Swine Flu

Porky Pig? OK, he’s the least offensive image that relates to the swine flu. Yesterday I walked a promotional products trade show with the boss. I watched her stop at a both that sold healthcare products. She took a number of hand sanitizer samples and put them in my tote bag. What do we need these for?

Me, well I am not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. On the drive home she explained that with the recent outbreak of the swine flu people were going to be much more aware of flu prevention health habits. Obviously this was a perfect time to help our clients promote their brand and affix the message that they care by sending a very useful product that is impeccably timed to this global event.

This is guerrilla marketing at its best. When you can speedily seize a moment and at the same time do something that is genuinely smart and helpful, you have a winning combination.

Chris and the team have a bunch of sanitizer type products to show you.  Call us at 888-344-6060 and we can help you react quickly to this opportunity.

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