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Where’s My Wind Turbine?

On 3-22-09 I blogged about MCM and how we have been doing the “green thing” for a while. Some of our raised consciousness is the direct result of being raised by parents and grandparents who lived simple lives and were all affected by the Great Depression.
Even if you exclude the controversial topic of global warming it does not take long to realize that our planet’s resources are limited and they need to be conserved.
Last week we wrote on our large idea board, “Green is a way of life and not a
program”. This made us commit to looking more intensely at our business and personal practice. We give ourselves pretty good grades but we believe there is more than we can do outside of building a geodesic dome and moving off the grid.
This week we converted all of the KW Hours that MCM uses and purchased wind power credits. The added cost is nominal and it is a step in a major shift in our nations need to transition to sustainable energy. However, I just really want to know where my wind turbine is so I can look at it. They really look cool.
We have been adding more content to our Green Page and we would like to have you visit it to see what is new and exciting in green promotional items. I feel like I am stealing Chris’ show. Give her a call to hear about a great way to recycle PVC banners and turn them into tote bags and other useful products. She is really stoked about this. 888-344-6060

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