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Performance Wear or All Work and No Play?

All work and no play would make MCM a very dull place to be. An attribute of this business is that you get lots of stuff to play with and test. Apparel is still one of our top product families and we test products all year round.

True to our word, when we are not working we are playing. That is why we moved the business to Park City UT. It’s a 4 season playground. In the past few years the promotional products industry has caught on to the emerging need to supply high quality technical performance wear.

Gone are the days of damp cold shirts and rain gear that was as breathable as a shower curtain. Our clients are asking for moisture wicking shirts, rash guards, breathable rain jackets and wind proof fleece. We have incredible choices in name brand and (house brand) performance wear to show you.

We are constantly outdoors testing the products ourselves. That’s Chris steering a 44 foot sloop off the Catalina coast. In the past year the MCM team as been skiing at 10,000 feet, river rafting, camping, sailing, golfing, road bike racing, mountain biking and sitting by the campfire. If you need technical apparel, let us tell you what we have tested and how it can suit your needs. As always, give us a call at 888-344-6060 or link directly to our Apparel Mall

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