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Our Green Car is Red

On the way back from a sales call Chris asked, why were driving a gas sucking albeit really cool looking German SUV? I did not have a good answer.

We had made a commitment to looking at every environmental and ecological aspect of our personal and business lives and this was the perfect opportunity to look at this beast that was born during the period of relatively cheap energy.

Within a day I had prepared a spreadsheet that outlined our wants and needs and compared it to all of the highly efficient vehicles on the market. Hands down the VW Jetta TDI Clean Diesel won. It has an AMCI estimated mileage of 38 city / 44 highway and just set a recorded at 58 mpg in a coast to coast drive. It’s sporty, roomy and has plenty of torque to zip up our steep mountain passes.

This morning Chris took it to the UPS store instead of her precious Audi. When asked, she said it more efficient. Take a quick peak at the new VW Ad that features the car. We think it hilarious but we do appreciate hybrid technology.
When you are working on a project that entails sending a message about green, eco-friendly, environmentally conscious or anyone of the other pop phrases that embraces this shift, contact the folks that live and breathe this way of life. MCM Productions Green Page or call us at 888-344-6060.

We get it!

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