What Do We Call This Thing? Putting the Fun Back in Fundraising!

When you study sales and marketing you learn about this progression:

  1. Meet your customers needs.
  2. Exceed your customers needs.
  3. Anticipate your customers needs.

The challenge in today’s web based environment is how do you market something that has so many applications and try to give it a name that describes all of its features? Complicating things further is that most people are not looking for this tool, even though it probably is a viable solution for many different opportunities.

For lack of a better name we call our new tool “Private Client Enterprise” (PCE). We took the concept of the traditional on-line company store and with the support of some really well written software we can build unique web stores in minutes. We then apply some creativity in where and how to use the store.

The example in the photo was done for a local lacrosse league for their annual fund raiser. Today we are working on a fundraising site for a major university and one for a retail store for a river rafting company. The applications are only limited by one’s imagination.

Are you trying to raise money for a charity or club? Do you want to offer your employees corporate products? Could your business use an on-line retail web store with logo products?

We have a “killer app” for you. Give either Chris or Ken a call and let us build a sample site and show you the many ways you can use our PCE. 888-344-6060 Let your imagination run wild.

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