Who Are Those Guys? MCM in the Community

It’s an old line from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. In this case it’s 2 graduate students from BYU collecting a $40,000 BIG CHECK from an executive at Zion’s bank.

The team at MCM has a strong belief that being involved in the community is an essential component of our business strategy. It can encompass helping a small non-profit afford some tee shirts to giving of ourselves. Each year we take the time to mentor graduate and under-graduate business students in a statewide program called the Utah Entrepreneurial Challenge. Annually over 150 teams submit business plans and they are reviewed and narrowed down to 20. These 20 teams are assigned mentors who help review the plans and make recommendations. The 20 teams are then cut down to 10 for the finals which entail a presentation to the panel of judges.

This year MCM had the privilege to mentor KT Tape, a manufacturer of kinesiology tape. When the smoke cleared KT tape was the overall winner and they received $40,000 in seed funding. Take a look at their outstanding product at KT TAPE.

For the past 4 years MCM has helped put teams in the finals and last year our team Energy –Tap was first runner up with a $10,000 award. There is so much to learn from these bright young entrepreneurs and we leave the awards banquet already excited about next year’s event.

When we are not out in the community we are here to help you with your next challenge.

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