custom laptop skins

Make that laptop a more effective selling tool

Looking for a way to make your laptop toting sales team more effective? Take a lesson from the folks at NASCAR. Every square inch of the car and the driver are covered in sponsor logos. These people know how to how to send a message.

How many times per day does your sales team open up a laptop in front of a client? Each time they do that they are sending the message of Dell, Apple… Notice how cleverly their logos are placed upside down on the cover.

We have the perfect solution. Laptop Skinware! You can create a high quality image or message on the covers of your team’s laptops. The 4 color process permits you to put a personalized message right in front of your audience. It is easily removable so that you can change your message on a regular basis.

Why promote Michael Dell and Steve Jobs when you can market yourself?

Update – The latest trend is cell phone skins. We can show you an amazing way to promote your brand with custom cell phone skins that can include a personalized “user” photo image incorporated on the skin.

Give us a call at 888-344-6060, we can help you put that laptop cover to work.

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