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Planning a Cycling Event?

We receive more and more requests for technical apparel. Just recently one of our clients called us looking for a high quality bicycling jersey printed with their logo from collar to waistband. No Problem. As we have blogged before, the world of technical apparel with custom logos has become more the norm than the unusual.

MCM teamed up with one of our favorite screen printers who is a master at dye sublimation. Voila, in the blink of an eye we delivered this knock out looking jersey that feels like silk. That’s the beauty of great dye sublimation. You have to see and feel this shirt to truly appreciate the quality.

Our good friend Molly took the time to model it for this photo but we did not let her wear it on her ride with the old Promo Guy. He definitely would not cut it as a model.

When you are thinking of apparel for your next promotion seriously consider using one of the new technical apparel products. Don’t be left out in the cold. Call us at 888-344-6060 we would like to hear about your next event.

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