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Technical Apparel for Corporate and School Promotions? Rash Guards

6 weeks ago I blogged about the big change in performance wear products making their entrance into the promotional products / advertising specialties industry. Call us slow adapters. Well, not really, it simply took the suppliers a little more time than we wanted.
Each industry and each sport moved at their own pace to make the big change to technical fabrics. When Chris and I seriously took up golf 15 years ago we were amazed at the total lack of breathable, wicking and truly water proof gear. Golfers always appeared cold and wet. Not any more.

By the middle of this decade the pendulum had swung and all sports were using the latest in technical fabrics. One of the hottest things out there today are Rash Guards. These are the spandex or polyester bodying hugging shirts than were adopted first by surfers and now are everywhere. Think “Under Armour”, it’s the most popular brand.

Today we have a number of great suppliers that offer a broad line of rash guard tops in countless, styles and colors. Through our relationships with some very technical printers we can print your logo or message in ways that you never imagined.

Looking for rash guards and other high performance technical apparel, we have got you covered. Give us a call at 888344-6060. There’s no need to sweat about the right material.

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