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Several days after the big ASI Person of the Year 2009 announcement MCM received a visit from the local press. We are really excited about how they portrayed the business.

Many times when you speak to the press you give up all control to what is said or how they interpret a statement. The Park Record got it right with, “We don’t sell products, we sell ideas. We like to work in a partnership with clients,” she said. “It’s not about giving someone a pen; it’s about giving a product that makes an impact.”
MCM will take quotes like that all day, everyday. We really try to get each client to stop and ask themselves questions about the intended message, the goal, the story behind the brand along with the usual budget and time frame information.
Selling a pen or a mug for the sake of making a sale is really a disservice to a client and probably not a good step in developing a long term relationship. If you are looking to stand out and really make a lasting impression, then take the time to talk with us.

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