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How to Raise Money for a Club, School or Team?

Have you ever been tasked with raising money for a club, school or team? Anyone who has done this knows that it can be a major challenge.

Raising funds for nonprofit organizations is a right of passage for volunteers. At MCM we have developed a program that supports nonprofit fundraising and it makes the process easy and fun. We utilize our 21 years of experience in logoed merchandise and our custom web site technology to create profitable fund raising programs that maximize the monies raised and minimize the hours that volunteers need to invest.

In a nuts shell we build custom web sites and provide marketing support to help nonprofits sell custom merchandise to their members and supporters.

Here’s the plan:

1. MCM has a detailed outline of the time frame, types of products and the number of sku’s to offer.
2. We offer all of the marketing tools from formatted fundraising letters to FaceBook strategy.
3. Included is a custom web site with a “call to action” landing page, an on-line store and SSL credit card checkout. There is no charge for the standard web site.
4. The organization is provided the cost of each item and they determine the resale prices. We have some proven guide lines to share.
5. All of the sales are seamlessly processed through MCM and at the predetermined closing date, all of the sales are tallied and the products are produced.
6. There is an option for the organization to purchase additional product for future sales.
7. All finished goods are shipped directly to the organization for distribution and MCM mails the check.

This is as close to a complete turn-key program as one can get. We have a proven track record in these approach and we would really like to share more of this with you and discuss the options.

Give us a call at 888-344-6060. We would like to help you raise money for your favorite cause!

Check out our Fundraising Page and click learn more.

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