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Conserving Water – Niagara Falls Part Duex

Back on May 20, 2009 we wrote about our efforts on how we would truly explore being green and what changes we could make to do a better job at it. In the Niagara Falls blog spot we spoke about the changes that we made to our shower heads and projected what the potential savings could be,

As the warmer weather approached we took the same passion and looked into our lawn and garden’s voracious need for water. By studying our water bill and doing weekly meter readings we found that our outdoor watering was akin to turning on a hose and letting it run forever. It was time for some serious water conservation efforts.

With a little help from the WWW and a local agronomist we got a better understanding of how much water the lawn and the plants really needed. Then we calculated the number of gallons that each of the 12 zones on our sprinkler system used. It was really simple to do with a stop watch and my reading glasses. I watched the meter spin and recorded the data. Bingo, here was the real Niagara Falls.

We purchased a bunch of different sized nozzles for the drips and re-set the timer by each zone. With a little experimentation the system was fine tuned to use 500 gallons per day less. When you realize that we water for about 150 days per year that saw that this could save 75,000 gallons of water per year.

Aside from the financial savings, we are feeling much better about how we are using this precious resource.

If you want to learn more abut our green efforts or are trying to promote water conservation, give us a call at 888-344-6060.

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