Raising Money for Charter Shools

Raising Money for Charter Schools – Fundraising for Charter Schools

Are you tasked with raising money for a charter school? Did you volunteer as a fundraising volunteer for a charter school? Raising money and fundraising programs for charter schools can be both rewarding and fun.

MCM has created a fundraising program that works with schools, clubs, sports teams, alumni organizations and well almost any organization that needs to raise money. What differentiates our strategy from all of the rest is that we use all of the latest web based marketing tools to deliver a turn key program that requires very little volunteer effort.

With over 21 years experience in promotional logo merchandise MCM provides each organization with a free web site and all of the marketing support to run a fundraising program with no out lay in money and no telephone or door to door soliciting. Web marketing and sales is growing at a remarkably fast rate. We help you use the power of the World Wide Web to reach your audience.

Charter schools are ideal for fundraising as the result of the strength of their community. We find that charter school parents and faculty have an incredibly strong bond and it extends with the relatives also. We also know that charter schools must be continually raising money as the state and local subsidiary only covers a portion of the educational costs.

Click on the link to our Fundraising Page and read a bit more about us and our fundraising program for your charter school. You can also give us a call at 888-344-6060. If you need to raise money for your charter school, you have come to the perfect place.

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