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Early Holiday Shopping

We received a bunch of feedback from the 10-10-09 Blog on year end value. One of our web elves immediately re-vamped our Holiday Web Page. Take a few moments and click on the links to view what our featured suppliers are offering for the holidays. The selection is outstanding. The site will be continuously updated as more holiday specials are offered.

Our favorite categories are Holiday Cards, Business Gifts and Food Gifts. Our ideas don’t stop there. It would be impossible to have a web site that covers all of the possibilities. That’s where our consultative strategy comes into play. Call us so that we can ask you some key questions about your message, who your targeted audience is and your price point. Right now delivery isn’t a problem, but don’t procrastinate.

Even though 2009 has been a challenging business year, the opportunity to have your message stand out has never been more important and easier to convey. There will be less gifts exchanged making yours MORE VISIBLE. The added bonus is that our suppliers are offering the most aggressive pricing that we have ever seen.

Don’t miss this perfect opportunity to make the greatest possible impact during the holidays. Click on our new page, look at some of our suggestions and ring us up at 888-344-6060 and we will help you send that special gift.

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