LED Flashlights

LED Flashlights

You can never have enough flashlights. They are practical, smart and are easy to use a symbol for a campaign. LED flashlights have revolutionized the small personalized flashlight market.

LED’s are very low cost light emitting diodes that require very low power and shine brilliantly. Couple this with the latest aluminum manufacturing processes and we can offer you small 3 LED custom flashlights for as low as $2.00.

LED Flashlights


The configurations include:

• Small aluminum
• Tapelight keychain
• Solar powered
• Bottle opener
• Strobe carabiner
• LED pen
• Rotating
• Solar keychain
• Tear drop
• Ultra keylite

If you are looking to do something extra special we can show you are favorites that your clients will believe cost 2x or 3x more than what you paid. It’s called perceived value and we know how to deliver it.

Take a peek at the gallery below and give us a call so that we can tell you about the latest in led flashlights. Give us a call at 888-344-6060 for more information.

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