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Banner Bags – Recycle your old banners, billboards and PVC Signs

Banner bags, recycled totes, recycled billboard totes… everyone calls them by a different name but I am getting ahead of myself. Each year thousands of artistically designed banners, billboards and truck tarpaulins are created and summarily tossed in landfills. These PVC and polypropylene materials do not biodegrade and become an environmental blight.

Don’t despair, we have the perfect solution. Let us show you how to take your old billboards, advertising banners, trade show – event banners, truck tarpaulins, vinyl signs and convert them into impressive tote bags, messenger bags, laptop bags and more.

This is the ultimate show of environmental consciousness and smart marketing. These bags become prized giveaways, can be re-sold as a source of income or used as fundraisers. One of our clients is a small city that just celebrated a major anniversary. Their banners are being remanufactured into clever tote and messenger bags that will be sold and generate a considerable amount of revenue. Another client is a sponsor of a large city marathon. Last years PVC banners are being made into classy messenger bags and will be used as gifts for select volunteers. The possibilities are endless.

The recycling of billboards, advertising banners, trade show – event banners, truck tarpaulins and vinyl signs is the perfect way to enhance your green – sustainability practices and market your brand at the same time.

If you would like to learn more about recycle your old PVC and vinyl materials into these smart tote, messenger and laptop bags.

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