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Farewell 2009

In the past month we have taken 2 long road trips. Thanksgiving’s trip was 1000 miles to the Northwest to Orcas Is WA and Christmas was 450 miles to the Southeast to Crested Butte CO. We traversed mountains, deserts, endless miles of potato fields, vineyards, small towns and big cities.

What always strikes us are the incredible diverse lifestyles, habitats, culture and customs. While getting out of the office one can truly appreciate the incredible diversity that our country and its people have.

When we were not listening to out indispensable satellite radio we talked about how important it is to understand and appreciate this bandwidth and not categorically place everyone into age groups or income brackets when designing a marketing or communications campaign.

Its trips like this that makes it much more clear that a cork screw is probably not the perfect universal medium. When your audience is this broad it becomes more important to think about what binds us. The essential elements of food, clothing and shelter are about as close to target as one can get. Food nourishes, clothing warms us and shelter protects us. These are things that are universally appreciated.

As you start your 2010 plans let us show you how these product families can be put to work to help you send strong, meaningful and lasting messages. Take a look below at a few of our favorites. Call us at 888-344-6060

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