Finding the Perfect Hat

Hats… sounds simple enough. If you Google the word hat you receive over 68 million results. When it comes to a hat with a logo it almost always comes down to the ubiquitous baseball cap.

Sounds simple enough but that’s not the end of the story. Custom baseball caps are a very personal thing. I have over 40 of them with the oldest being 31 years old. I don’t consider myself a collector but having just taken an inventory, they brought back many memories.

One of the greatest challenges of selecting a custom baseball cap is choosing one that will be worn by your audience and not just picking your own personal style. There are fitted, mesh, trucker, low profile, high profile, Fidel, flex fit, unstructured, pigment dyed, distressed, garment washed, brush twill, poly-twill, wool, wool combed twill, cotton twill, flat brim, camo, cord, extended bill, short bill, Velcro closure, leather strap, 4 panel, 5 panel, 6 panel, hard brim, sweat band…. Get the picture?

The color selection is just as broad and then there’s decoration. You can embroider or silk screen but silk screening is best done on 5 panel hats. For embroidery you will need a logo no greater than 2.25” by 4.5” wide. The font height should be no smaller then ¼”.  If you have the time, we can order a hat from the Orient and there almost anything is possible.

We can help you through all of the steps and guide you through the styles to make sure you select the hat that best fits your audience, not just you!

Take a look at the sampling in the gallery below. The combination of style, material, features, colors and functionality is almost limitless. Don’t despair, we know how it feels and we are easily reached at 800-344-6060 to speed you through the process to get the absolute best custom baseball cap for your requirement.

Yes, that is a bull moose behind us!

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