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Road Trip – Promotional Automotive Products

After driving 2000 miles over the Thanksgiving holiday automotive gifts seemed like the perfect topic to blog about. 30 hours is a lot of time to drive but it was apparent that a lot of us are spending more time behind the wheel with commutes getting longer due to traffic or more of us selecting to drive in lieu of flying.

We unloaded the car and I was amazed at the number of promotional products that made the trip more pleasurable.

  1. Our trusty Cellmate dashboard hold sunglasses and one cell phone.
  2. Our dog Rufus’s food and water was smartly stored in a K9 dog travel bag
  3. A trunk organizer held gloves, hats and other winter gear. It doubles as our portable ski gear locker also holding helmets and goggles.
  4. An auto safety kit contained jumper cables, flares, emergency blankets, gas siphon and more.
  5. Coffee was kept warm in an insulated thermos and stainless steel travel mugs prevented spills.
  6. 3 way cigarette charger for phones and GPS
  7. Lap top travel case helped protect the hard drive
  8. Back packs held small personal items
  9. Compact travel cooler on wheels for drinks and healthy road food
  10. Lip balm kept lips moist
  11. Anti-bacterial spray kept us healthy and flu free
  12. Handi – wipes for cleaning the hands after pumping gas
  13. Micro fiber cloth to clean sun glasses
  14. LED flashlight
  15. Ice scraper
  16. Key ring
  17. CD holder kept our favorite disks in order

Each and every item had a logo on it. You don’t need to drive by a billboard anymore, the interior of our vehicles have become a rolling version. Promotional automotive gifts are both extremely practical and they help you send multiple messages showing how you care for your client’s safety and convenience.

We use this stuff and we know what works. 2000 miles tells the story. Give us a call at 888-344-6060 and we are ready to share what we have learned.

PS, The Griswolds may have done a better job on their road trip if they were as well equipped.

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