Why we blog

Why We Blog

I just found myself on the phone with a friend explaining Blogging(spell check doesn’t recognize the word), social media, Twitter…. It made me think that I have friends on FaceBook ranging from age 13 to 94. That’s an enormous amount experiential bandwidth.

Several weeks ago a Gen Y dinner guest told me that an SEO strategy that I was considering was, “So 2004!”. There went any illusion that I was keeping current with all of the changes in marketing strategy.

MCM’s web strategy is in transition. Our 12 year old web site MCMproduction.com  is being phased out and is being replaced with http://www.mcmproductions.com/. The new site is currently a Blog with weekly posts that speak to a variety of topics from the most innovative promotional products, how to maximize the value of your promotion to our company’s own journey on lessening our impact on the environment.

 The Blog is organized into categories that will continually expand. As of today they include.

 About Us – Apparel – Automotive – Awards & Recognition – Bags – Buttons and Badges – Calendars – Clocks & Watches – Desk & Office Accessories – Drinkware – Food & Gifts – Fundraising –Games & Toys – Golf – Green – Headwear – Holidays – Housewares – Incentives – Magnets – Marketing and Social Media – Outdoor – Personal –  Sports – Stationary – Technology – Travel

 When you land on the MCM Blog you will see the most recent posts or you can scroll down the left hand side and see the Categories listed under Topics and Products Discussed. From there you can easily navigate to the posts.

 Stay tuned and we will explain the “Cloud Tags” and other features in our next post.

 Here’s a hint on why we all need to learn this. In the next few years, there will be more Gen X and Gen Y population than Baby Boomers. They are our future and we need to speak their language and relate to their needs and communication methods. It’s our future.

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