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News Alert!!! Inventory Shortages

Inventory Shortages

For several months we have been writting about all of the great year-end bargains that we were seeing. That’s now history. If you study supply side economics and modern supply chain management you know that inventory levels are critical economic indicator.

During all 2009 most companies were cutting inventory levels to historic lows in terms of number of days  supply on hand. Then all excess product was sold at or below cost at the years end, hence all of the great bargains. Suddenly we experienced a marked increase in our business in December. Now with one week of January in the history books we are seeing stock outs of popular items and longer lead times.

For you,  this means a change in the environment. Plan on delivery of products taking several weeks longer and don’t expect the majority of your needs to be shipping right off the shelf. Think longer range planning! Of course this varies by each item. Give us a call at 888-344-6060 and we can fill you in.

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