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News Alert! Price of Cotton to Rise

Cotton Prices Rising Sharply

The price of cotton from Pakistan rose 40% in the past 2 months and globally it has risen 15% in the same time frame. This was driven by an increase in demand coupled with poor weather in Asia.  

It should also be noted that world cotton production is expected to fall short of the global demand in the current crop year at ends July 2010. Industry experts believe that price increases will be passed on from the manufacturers beginning in March or April.

The greatest price increases will be seen in the 100% cotton tee and polo shirts. While these price increases are primarily the result of this years poor harvest we can show you many options in fabrics that contain polyester, Lycra  and others as cost effective alternatives. If you know that you absolutely are going to need 100% cotton shirts, now may be the time to beat the increase. Give us a call at 888-344-6060 for more details or e-mail us at

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