dishwasher safe water bottles

Dishwasher Safe Water Bottles

Dishwasher safe water bottles sound simple enough. Like so many products, we could write a paper about the shapes, styles, materials, environmental concerns, caps, uses… It’s Friday, so I want to keep it simple, we are strictly focused on dishwasher safe water bottles.

For the past 2 years all the industry news has been centered on BPA, how it may cause cancer and why so many water bottles become more dangerous when put in the dishwasher. Everything would be simpler if we only put water in water bottles. Our research has proven that everything from chocolate milk to Cosmopolitans, end up inside them.

That’s where the dishwasher safe requirement becomes so much more important. If you are going to use a water bottle for a promotional product and trust us, they are very popular, why not give the most practical and useful version.

Take a look at our best seller. It’s a 24 oz, single wall, stainless steel bottle with a very practical cap. It also has grips on the side that give it a really nice feel. Your log will look great on this bottle whether you chose a single color imprint or a full color.

A dishwasher safe water bottle with a logo is very difficult product to find and we have them!

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