Promotional Shopping Shopping Bags and Totes

Can you get excited about  apromotional shopping bag or tote? We think you can. Just think back a couple of years ago when 100’s of millions of us simply walked out of stores carrying all of our goods in plastic. The issues to our environment are staggering. It is calculated that we are using over 1,000,000 per minute and they are doing everything from filling land fills to killing wildlife.

Most of us have caught on and an enormous shift has taken place with most consumers bringing their bags to go shopping every day. Now that’s visibility. Large numbers of companies have taken advantage of this by using the traditional non-woven tote which can be printed in small quantities.

Laminated recycled bags, like the well know Whole Food’s bag came on the scene with everyone excited about how the entire bag could be used as a canvas to create a beautiful look that is highly sought after. The catch, high minimum quantities and long lead times. Some decorators of non-woven bags improved the printing process to mimic the look, but the imprint areas are relatively small.

Don’t despair, the pre-printed laminated 100% recycled shopper is here. We can show you bags that offer the features of the high volume laminates yet can be ordered in relatively small quantities. They have pre-printed graphics and accept a one color imprint.

You get the added bonus of them being made from 100% recycled fabric.

Like most products, there is a lot of information to be shared and we would like to discuss your next project so that we can get you the perfect promotional shopping bag or tote. Give us a call at 888-344-6060 or e-mail us at

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