egrip with TrackitBack feature

Best Promotional Mailer

Are you looking for the best promotional mailer? There is no doubt that if you are reading this, that you possess a cell phone. They are the most ubiquitous electronic device on our planet. I will also venture that each of us has experienced watching our cell phone slide off something and fall to the floor.

We have found a very clever product called egrips that could be a perfect solution. It is a 1”x2” non-slip strip that attaches to the back of a cell phone. The strip has a 4 color process and full imprint area. Right there you already have a really good product that your audience will use and appreciate along with your message being seen with each and every text and call.

The team at egrips did not stop there. They offer 4 unique marketing strategies for the best promotional mailer.

1)      Marketing Card – (3.5”x6.375”) Your customized egrip is attached to a 4 color, custom printed card that sends your message, special offer, invitation, new product introduction and more.

2)      Direct Mailer Card – (5.5”x8.5”) your customized egrip is sealed to 4 color, both sides card ready to be mailed. egrip will address and mail the card at no charge. You only pay the postage.

3)      Custom strip with TrackitBack Global Lost and Found service. Your custom strip contains the information that provides free pick up and courier service when your lost device is located. It is an invaluable service for your loyal clients and helps you build an accurate database.

4)      DigiGrips Digital Download Card – (3.12”x3.56”) Use the custom egrip to send a message and gather client information. In exchange your client receives a redeemable download code.Product Information & Pricing Request

This is being called the “New Refrigerator Magnet”. Don’t wait and let your competition beat you to it. Call us and let’s help you determine which is the perfect egrip for you.  Reach us at 888-344-6060 or Click on Get A Quote e-mail us at

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