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Lucite Embedments, the new ship in a bottle

Are you looking for Lucite embedments or deal toys? This is the right place. Have you wondered about how they put that ship in a bottle? I have the same curiosity with how they put all this cool stuff inside pieces of Lucite. Lucite embedments, Lucite tombstones or Lucite deal toys are the 3 most popular styles of this new art.

Just like the ship in a bottle, these eye catching products are the most classic way to bestow an award, memorialize a special event or announce the closing of a major financial deal. Embedments, tombstones and deal toys are kept on display for a lifetime.

We only work with the top manufacturers who can offer countless shapes, sizes, laser etching, photo inserts, mini metal castings, lighted bases and more. We will help design the perfect combination of options to give you a magically suspended look right through to a miniature version of your product permanently locked away in a time capsule.Product Information & Pricing Request

Click on the image below to view our great selection of Lucite embedments.  These should get your imagination flowing. Give us a call at 888-344-6060 to talk to our experts and we can help you create the perfect embedment, tombstone or deal toy to make a lasting impression. You can also e-mail us at or click on Get A Quote .




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