Plastics !


In the 1967 film the Graduate, Ben, played by Dustin Hoffman is told one word, “Plastics”.

In these past 43 years plastics have impacted our lives from consumer products to medical devices. Only recently years have scientists at the CDC using very advanced biomonitoring equipment have found traces of 212 environmental chemicals inside our bodies. The problem has gone from polluting the environment to ourselves and plastics are a part of this.

With new technology, scientists are now able to detect human exposure levels as small as one part per trillion or about 1/20 of a drop of water inside an Olympic sized pool. There are countless studies looking at the effects of BPA, PVC and Polystyrene. Last week the state of Maryland joined Connecticut, Minnesota, Washington and Wisconsin in banning BPA in children’s products. Back in 2008 Canada banned it in baby bottles. A bill will soon be introduced in the US Senate on BPA.

We have been following this closely and have steered our clients away from BPA and polycarbonate water bottles. As more information is made public we will continue to advise our clients and keep them informed about the issues. The news about plastics is not all bad. Coming soon we will speak to the benefits of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). It is most commonly used plastic in food containers and bottled drinks. PET is also the most recyclable of all plastics.

Not only do you have to try to determine what the perfect promotional product is, you need to understand its environmental impact. Our goal at MCM is to help you make the best decision. We are just a call away at 888-344-6060

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