Retro -Tech Viewmaster

We spend so much time using technology to send messages that we often overlook some really great old tools. How many of you remember the Viewmaster that was the rage in the 50’s and 60’s? You simply popped in a Viewmaster reel and clicked through 14 slides while holding your Viewmaster up to a light source. As kids, we collected Viewmaster reels filled with cartoons and spent hours having a good time.

In this world of iPhones and Droids does something this old fit in?  We see it as a slam dunk. It will rekindle the nostalgic feeling from your Boomers and Gen X’ers and Gen Y’ers will be amazed at how simple having fun was, less than a handful of decades ago.

We like to call this Retro-Tech and we can show you the classic 7 slide Viewmaster or the 15 image Masterview. If you want to ride the current wave of 3D, we have the 3D Customer Viewer Postcard. This is an over the top mailer, invitation or product introduction piece.

3D viewer

Product Information & Pricing RequestWhether you had your own Viewmaster and personal collection of Viewmaster reels or if you want to try a Retro-Tech approach, we can show you 3 great products that will really draw everyone’s attention. Give us a call at 888-344-6060 or click on Get A Quote and we will tell you the complete story. Need more info? E-mail us at

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