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Creative Uses for Flash Drives

When you think “creative” and “flash drives”, the obvious connection is custom shaped drives. Well, yes and no. Yes, as custom shaped flash drives make a very quick and powerful impression. Check our post on Technology with a Visual Impact.

The no,…What we are learning is that the end use for flash drives is changing and that it is time to be really creative with custom flash drives. No longer are they simply extra storage capacity, an easy way to transport data or swap data.

We are starting to see institutions of higher education and organizations recognizing that there is a significant cost associated with printing and shipping large documents such as a “Freshman Handbook”. For less than the cost of packaging and postage you can distribute a flash drive that contains hundreds of pages of information, color images, charts, maps and more.

Wouldn’t simply putting this on the organizations web site support all of this? Not exactly. As connected as our world is becoming not everyone has unlimited connectivity and that’s where the flash drive comes into its own. Product Information & Pricing Request

Aside from being a cost effective conveyance of data, flash drives are a perfect way to leave critical sales and marketing information with a client. How many sales presentations are made each day and at what cost? The leave behind is usually a binder filled with color pages. We all know where that’s going to go. Now take the same productive energy and add some video and audio on a flash drive and the probability of it being showed over again increases significantly.

As an added bonus you can embed links in the drive to connect to you web site for information and offers that may change with some frequency.

We have a bunch more ideas and we would also like to hear from you on how creative you have been with your flash drives. 888-344-6060 or

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