employee recognition plagues

Employee Recognition Plaque Program

Are you plagued by having to order plaques?

We understand the problems associated with employee recognition plaques. Whether you need to order employee of the quarter or employee of the month plagues or if you have been tasked with administering a multi-site corporate wide program, MCM has the expertise to help you.

Employee recognition plagues can come in many shapes and styles. We have partnered with the right vendors to offer a very broad and competitive selection to fits our clients needs. Then we truly set ourselves apart with our ability to build a custom web portal so that your mangers can order employee of the quarter or employee of the month plaques on-line.

This is a “devil in the details” environment and MCM has the process in place from the web portal to managing the blank brass plates for immediate engraving and shipment to the proper location. Product Information & Pricing Request

Don’t let the details get in the way of administering an important employee recognition program. Let us show you a broad selection of plaques and a process that will make this seem effortless. Call us at 888-344-6060 or  click on Get A Quote .E-mail sales@mcmproductions.com

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