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Fundraising for Lacrosse Teams

Our on-line lacrosse fundraising program is raising money for teams from coast to coast. There is no easier way to help your team raise money and it truly requires the least amount of volunteer effort than any other fundraising program.

We are always working with our vendors and our teams to come up with a winning combination of products to sell. This year MCM is partnering with Vinnie Ricasio. The images that you see on this page are some of our favorites. Click on The Art of LAX to learn about him and his art. You will undoubtedly sense his passion for the game through his drawings.

Now in addition to all of the great lacrosse fundraising products like our technical hoodies, shooter shirts, team blankets and gear bags, we can create T-shirts with the Art of LAX images. Envision your team’s name and logo combined with a piece of this incredible art.

If that’s not enough for you, Vinnie can work with your photograph to create a custom piece of art that we can imprint on a shirt for a truly special look.

MCM’s on-line fundraising combines smart web based marketing, useful team related products and now eye catching art to help you reach your fundraising goals. Click on Get A Quote or give us a call at 888-344-6060. E-mail

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