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We are always searching the globe for something new. In the world of promotional products really new is really rare but we see great things happening in an evolutionary way.

Check out the latest Post-it Flag Writing tool called the Contour. It features an ergonomic contour shape and in addition to containing mini Post – it Flags, it comes with either a Ball point pen – a Gel pen, a Highlighter or a Permanent marker. Any of the 4 combinations is a real winner.

There is also the Industry Award Winning Trio Series. It packs 3 functions into a single pen. In less than 6 inches in length you get a Post – it Flag, a Pen and a Highlighter. It’s a perfect tool for the multi-tasker. You can think of it as a “killer app” pen.

One of our long term clients just purchased the Contour for a trade show and the response was nothing less than sensational. They reported back to us that everyone loved the look and found the highlighter – flag combination extremely useful.Product Information & Pricing Request

One of the most telling signs of a successful promotion is when your audience calls you after the product is empty, in the case of a highlighter, and asks if you can send them another. These new Post-it Flag Writing tools are certain to deliver that result.

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