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Promotional Cookies

They go by many names including corporate cookies, custom made cookies, logo cookies and more. It really doesn’t matter what name you give them, we all know good tasting cookies are universally loved and consumed in large quantities. They are a perfect way to send your message.

I consider myself an expert in cookies in part to how many I have eaten and watching the behavior of my co-workers in the break room gobble up logo cookies or custom made cookies when one of our suppliers sends in a sample box.

While the types and tastes of corporate cookies have not radically changed in the past several years, there have been enormous improvements in the quality of the images. The resolution is so crisp that you will not believe it’s not only edible but delicious.

We are also partial to chocolate topped custom made logo cookies. They make a great presentation and we will attest to the flavor. Samples don’t sit on a desk for more than a few hours. Product Information & Pricing Request

The only catch is which custom made corporate cookie vendor to select. That’s where MCM will help. We have sampled them all and know the best logo cookies on the planet. Give us a call at 888-344-6060  or click on Get A Quote . Let us get some samples heading your way. Our e-mail is

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