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Finding the Perfect Baseball Cap

Summer is almost here and caps are everywhere. We last spoke about them in our post called, “Finding the Perfect Hat”.  Take a quick look or simply trust us when we say there are almost limitless options when selecting the perfect custom baseball cap.

With all of the different materials, brims, crowns, shapes and styles it can be a challenge. Our advice to our clients is not to select your own personal favorite. This is where we can really help. MCM sells custom baseball caps to a broad range of clients who use the caps in a variety of promotional programs.

With all of the feedback that our clients provide, we can tell you what is working in an almost real-time way. We take into account the type of event, the age group, the event theme and more. With all this data there is one trend that we are observing with a great amount of consistency. It falls into the “details” category. Product Information & Pricing Request

Check out Velcro closures. They are the smartest way to adjust your perfect hat’s size. It is quick, easy, stylish and your hair does not snag in it. Real hat people know and appreciate the ability to make on the go adjustments in their hat size, as the wind velocity changes.

If there is an outdoor event on your promotional calendar, give us a call at 888-344-6060 or click on Get A Quote . E-mail us a for more information.

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