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In this age of iPads and Kindles, the doomsayers are proclaiming the death of the journal book. Our research shows just the opposite. No matter how “techie” the world seems to be coming, nothing beats the feel and convenience of a well made journalbook.

From the moment a person is handed a journalbook they become connected to it. It’s a perfect device for note taking, creating lists, day planning or traditional journal writing. The journalbook instantly becomes an indispensable communications tool.

Get A QuoteWhat differentiates a good journal book from a great journal book is design. That’s where MCM Productions makes the difference. Before one can begin to think about cover material, color or imprinting, the objective or mission must be clearly understood. A well crafted journalbook can be used as a simple yet impressive note book or it can contain custom printed pages featuring corporate goals or product information.

Interestingly, a well designed journalbook can be transformed into a “digital” device. Instead of the traditional blank pages, we can help you design your journal book to provide two way communications. Do you need to convey an annual sales goal, a new set of core values, important financial data, visual effects, maps, graphs and more?  Need a CD or DVD to be included? It’s not a problem. You can also add the writing instrument of your choice to make it an even more attractive package.

Once the mission of the book is understood there are 8 major design factors that must be incorporated into making your journalbook completely unique. They are:

  1. Size
  2. Cover
  3. Wire Colorjournal books 6-10
  4. Imprint Color
  5. Imprint Position
  6. Eco Filler Style
  7. Page Count
  8. Quantity.

When we help you design a custom journalbook we honestly can prove that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Stock sizes come in 10 popular configurations. We can show you over 85 colors and 6 material choices and help you find the combination that will make the right impression. Choosing the right filler and binding are the next steps.

The true personalization and tools for accomplishing your mission are driven by the proper selection of options. They include:

  1. Custom Filler
  2. Stock inserts including calendars
  3. Custom cover imprinting
  4. Bookmarks and closures
  5. Packaging
  6. Pen holders
  7. Stock fillers including graph and ruled
  8. Vinyl pockets
  9. Full color printing
  10. Pen selection

Simply put, the choices give an almost infinite number of combinations. That’s where MCM Productions and our many years of designing custom journalbooks help you make the intelligent selection to create a journal book that fulfills its mission and will be prized by all who receive it.

Ready to get started?  Visit our Journalbooks page in our Shopping Mall to view the current BEST SELLERS and WHAT’S NEW.

JB-logo-2015-200Give us a call at 888-344-6060 or click on Get A Quote for special pricing. E mail us at . We are looking forward to creating the perfect journalbook for you.

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