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Plastic Bags – News Alert

Hot off the wire, California bans the use of plastic bags in grocery, liquor, convenience and drug stores. It also requires customers to pay for the store provided papers bags. The new law will go into effect in January of 2012. 

By itself this is really important news, but you really need to look at how many trends have started in California. Banning plastic bags is not something new. Countries that have already banned plastic bags include Germany, South Africa, Italy, Australia, India, Philippines, Kenya, Japan, Turkey, Belgium, Sweden and more. 

Over the past 6 months we have been talking about all of the options for shopping bags. Our cars are filled with almost every type from a handy nylon stuff pouch to several of the laminated recyclables with highly vivid full color custom images. There are bags for every price point and purpose. We can tell you what works best.

You can stand by and watch this trend sweep across the country or you can jump on it by calling us today. 888-344-6060

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