Silly Bandz

Silly Bandz – Silly Bands – Squiggles

Silly Bandz, Silly bands or Squiggle, they go by many different names. Call them what you want, but you need to know they are HOT!!! Look on the arms of grade school children and you will see them everywhere. Just Google the names and you will quickly learn that this is an exploding fad.

Kids are going crazy putting these brightly colored, zany shaped, silicon bands on their arms. The media is abuzz with stories about schools prohibiting students from wearing them on campus. Here’s our take and we will quote Alice Cooper, “School’s Out for the Summer”. Couple this with Silly Bandz becoming forbidden in school and we see a perfect marketing scenario.banned

Promotional Silly Bandz in custom shapes are going to one of the top products this summer for any event that involves grade school children. We have a supplier that is standing by to create a “custom” shaped Silly Bandz that will tie into your theme or goal of your summer promotion.Product Information & Pricing Request

Honestly we can’t type fast enough to publish this. You can be the first in your market with a custom promotional Silly Bandz designed just for you. Don’t hesitate as the mercury is rising and the kids are finishing the school year. Call us today at 888-344-6060 or click on Get A Quote . E-mail us at and we will get your custom promotional Silly Bandz campaign started immediately.

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