recycled banner bag

Green isn’t always what it appears to be.

Everyone seems to be in the business of being green. Our new office cleaning service even asked us if we wanted them to use green cleaning products. Of course we replied yes, we are in the business of selling green promotional products right!

Over the past year MCM has consulted with many of our clients to help them look at what promotional items they purchase and if there may be a more “green” way to use them. In the past year our greatest discovery was leaning to look beyond the label. Look at organic cotton. Sounds like the green alternative. It uses a fraction of the chemicals of traditional cotton but during its initial harvest years its uses considerably more water. Then look at where most of the organic cotton comes from. Peru, Turkey, Africa and China. That’s one big carbon foot print before it reaches you. Solution = We always believe that every project should start with its goal not with a product. This is particularly true with going green. This makes it easier to incorporate recyclable or sustainable products from the inception.

Our next lesson came when we were working on a very large recycled banner bag order. The banners were extremely heavy and the freight cost / carbon foot print. Solution = Both MCM and our client knew that dumping banners in a landfill was the least favorable option so we found a new supplier whose location cut the miles by 60%.

Learn more about green promotional items at Green Products or give us a call at 888-344-6060.


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