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Personalized flash drives Promotional flash drives

We are keen on personalized flash drives as they are a very versatile product. There is no doubt that the custom shaped flash drives have the greatest “WOW Factor”. But they are not for every application due to minimums, lead time and cost.

Don’t despair; we have relationships with several promotional flash drive manufacturers that offer an array of incredible stock shapes. We can help you personalize them to get that powerful impression that will stay in front of your audience forever.  Think, stock shapes are the new custom. The shapes and materials are too lengthy to list but include light bulbs, vehicles, pens, laser pointers, leather, wood, human and cappuccino machines, just kidding on that one, but I’m sure somebody is working on it. Check out the gallery below for some ideas.

Not sure why or how to get the greatest impact with personalized promotional flash drives? Check out Creative Uses for Flash Drives. It’s a brief piece on explaining some different ways to market with promotional flash drives. We are also very diligent about which suppliers we work with as Flash Drive Quality is difficult to determine. That’s why  we only align ourselves with the most reputable firms.  Product Information & Pricing Request

Let us assist you with your next personalized flash drive project. Tell us about your project and we will do the research to narrow down the choices that will work best for you. Call us at 888-344-6060 or click on Get A Quote . Send us your art work at We will be back to you in a flash.

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