promotional pet products

Promotional Pet Products

The other day we took Rufus, our office pet to the vet for an infected cut. Let’s be honest and accept that we are so attached to our pets that we drop everything and rush them to the vet probably more quickly than we rush ourselves to the doctors. A lot of people spend more time researching the best vet as compared to the best doctor and we spend plenty of money to care for our pets.

Veterinarians take note that we want your name and phone number made as visible as can be next time there is a pet emergency. That’s why promotional pet products are a perfect fit for you business. Every pet visit is an opportunity to establish your brand in the household.

Think promotional pet products anytime there is a pet related event in your town. Open house at the local shelter, a fun run with dogs, pet show with children. There is always something taking place in our town that involves pets.Product Information & Pricing Request

Take a peek at the gallery below. It has some of our favorite promotional pet products and most of these have been field tested by Rufus. We take his word on what’s the hottest promotional pet product in the market today. Give Rufus a bark or call us at 888-344-6060 or click on Get A Quote. He doesn’t have an e-mail account but we can read it to him if you send your request to

Rufus says the collapsible bowl and the “poopie bag” with carabineer are the 2 favorites of his and his friends.

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