promotional products made in the USA

Promotional Products Made in the USA

Based on the published dated of 7-06 one could assume that we were overcome with an abundance of patriotism over the 4th of July weekend. The MCM team including our dog Rufus even marched in the local parade and we watched our share of fireworks.

Patriotism is a good reason to buy promotional products made in the USA but if you read our 6-30 company newsletter you will see that a series of global economic events is making this move even more compelling.

When the current recession began in 2008 with companies around the globe reducing staff and cutting back on inventory. This immediately resulted in a ripple effect of longer lead times and a marked decrease in customer service. Pricing also became very aggressive and there were calendar year end bargains.  At the end of Q1 in 2010 the first signs of a recovery appeared. The strongest growth was reported in China.

The Chinese growth has much to do with more and more internal growth as their economy is being driven by their own consumption as opposed to exports. Chinese wages are rising and this means their prices are also rising. The ripple effect here is that US goods are becoming more competitive. Toss in the added freight costs and longer lead times and promotional products that are made in the USA are becoming much more competitive. The Chinese government has also begun to let their currency float.

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