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The Amazing Shammy Towel

Yes you can teach an old dog a new trick. This weekend I washed our cars and dried them with the Shammy Towel. I could not believe how well this simple promotional car towel worked.

First a little history. This dog has been seriously washing cars for decades. I have used everything from baby diapers to a $50 chamois. I take car washing and detailing seriously.

For 5 years this blue Shammy towel has been sitting in my bucket of car towels. I never took this sample seriously. For some unknown reason I grabbed it and began to dry the car. Wow, it soaked up tons of water even though it’s only 10 ½ x 16 inches in size. In a few minutes the car was super dry and there wasn’t a single water spot. There was no lint like my towels nor was there any of the slimy feel of the expensive natural chamois.

I’m hooked and I must recommend this promotional car towel called the Shammy to anyone who is marketing to a serious automotive market. Your audience will not be disappointed. Stay tuned as I plan on testing this as a dust towel and a glass polishing towel as soon as this page is published.Product Information & Pricing Request

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