LED cap


LED cap, no way. That was our first impression when we saw them display at the ASI Show in January. It’s just another silly fad, none of our clients are going to call and ask for a custom LED cap. Often wrong, but never in doubt is a line I live by.

The phone has been ringing and the other day I was working on a project in my work shop that needed bright light and two hands. Yes, an LED cap would have been the ticket.

The LED Cap takes headwear to a new level. By incorporating 5 tiny LED’s and a CR size battery you turn your cap into a multi-function tool. The beam offers lighting coverage out to 25 plus feet and it is also ideal for close up work. Just picture a fly fisherman tying a knot to a repair person working in a tight dark space.
LED caps come in a variety of styles and colors including visors. The camo style will be a big hit with your outdoor clients. When you place your logo on your LED cap you also get the “wow” factor when the wearer turns on the lights and everyone in 25 feet turns their heads in amazement.

We didn’t get it the first time but please forgive us. Call 888-344-6060 or click on Get A Quote . E-mail us at sales@mcmproductions.com . We have seen the light.Product Information & Pricing Request

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