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Lost and Found

“If found please return to….” This concept is as old as the hills yet we have found a new and exciting twist on it. Over the past two decades the value of the stuff that we travel with has grown exponentially. Think about lap tops, iPhones, GPS, video games and more. It’s easy to pack a few thousand dollars of electronics into our car or travel bag. We all dread the loss of this property.

Here is one smart solution. We can offer you a tag or a label affixed to a  greeting card or sales brochure that provides a financial reward for the return of the lost item. The item can range from a cell phone, laptop, pet, wallet… Our favorite lost and found provider has a 75% return rate in part due to the reward that is offered. We believe that when you offer this service to your clients as part of a promotion, that it sends a very caring message and your brand is affixed to the item to be viewed regularly.
Aside from the nice warm feeling there is another side to this equation. Each of the lost and found labels or tags needs to registered and activated. During this process you can obtain valuable contact and survey information. With the premium package, you can even have a branded activation page set up for real time data reporting.
This product has a large number of applications from a trade show giveaway to an executive gifts.

It sends a caring message, has data acquisition capability and it’s innovative. Give us a call at 888-344-660 or click on Get A Quote .  E-mail at for more information or a sample.

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