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Paper Web Keys

Paper web keys may be the most innovative product that we have seen in years. They are the perfect bridge between paper (old school media) and digital (new school media).  First, a paper web key is a USB device that is inserted on a piece of printed media. When plugged into a computer’s USB port, it automatically links to a pre-programmed web page. Check out Technology with a Visual Impact if you want to learn more about how they function.

With the advent of the paper web key, a significant breakthrough occurs. For the first time, a marketer can incorporate a web key into a brochure, magazine, sales sheet or mailer and have a USB device present, that will link the reader to a web site. These web keys can be designed with custom shapes to enhance your message.  Click here to view some web key uses.Product Information & Pricing Request

There is an enormous shift taking place right now. Web marketing and social media are becoming equally as important as TV media. In the last year both Pepsi and Ford have forgone Super Bowl advertising and are investing those dollars into on-line marketing. The “smart phone” is now garnering equal viewing time to television.Paper web key custom shapes

The vast majority of us obtain most of our information on the web and from social media. The paper web key now marries both print and digital media. It is an ideal way to “package” a web key which until this breakthrough was handed out “naked” and many people simply did not know what to do with the device.

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Before you pick up the phone we need to let you know that there is a 500 piece minimum on the paper web key and production time is 4-6 weeks after proof approval. If you are looking for a high impact product that supports a digital media campaign, this is it. Give us a call at 888-344-6060 or click on Get A Quote . E-mail us at sales@mcmproductions.com

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